Rebirth the Story

in Your Pyre of Pages

Got a Pile of Problem Pages?

Welcome to the beginning of the end of your story quest, or perhaps just the next leg of your travels down this road.

Regardless of where you are in your novelist’s journey, let me show you how to resurrect your story from the pyre.

What Can a Book Shaman
Do For You?

Writing a great story doesn’t have to be a long, lonely slog . . .

My purpose in life as a book shaman is to help you evolve your story into the highest form it can achieve. As a member of our species of storytellers, I believe every human can learn to develop and deploy the craft and magic of words. The adventure of telling tales regardless of form or substance is a joyous, endless journey. The pinnacle of story we should all aspire to are inspirations that transcend us and live long after we are gone as part of our collective human legacy.
We all learn by doing, and I can help.

You can do this.

For the record, my areas of deepest specialization are Action, Love, Thriller, and War genres in dark fantasy, paranormal, and urban fantasy, steamy contemporary settings.

Bring me your blood and gore and magic. I’m all about the sexy, the swords, and definitely the sorcery. Bring me your snuggles, your memoirs, your histories, and whatever else you’d like story help with. I also love big idea nonfiction books, coffee shop romances, cozy mysteries, and every other genre. I’m a literary omnivore.
Resurrect your story from that pyre of pages.

Join the Book Shaman for help along your story journey.

Depending on what you need in a developmental editor, we can proceed in several different ways . . .

Hire Your
Novel Cartographer

Need a Jump Start?

If you don’t have a completed novel yet or if you’re having trouble coming up with a “workable” idea, I will help you develop a roadmap and I will help you pack for your grand adventure in novel writing…

Engage Your
Book Shaman

Want to Know How You’re Doing?

If you’ve already typed THE END on the last of your pile of pages and you’re ready to get an expert opinion on how “ready” it is, this is where the Story Grid Diagnostic magic happens…

Invoke Your
Story Witchdoctor

Think You’re Ready to Publish?

If you have a Level 3 or higher manuscript AND you want to make it even more powerful, you need the strong medicine of the Story Grid Intensive from the witchdoctor…

About the Book Shaman

Dave Reed is a Story Grid Certified Editor and an award-winning author of science fiction and fantasy from San Antonio, Texas. After slogging alone for years through the dark in search of narrative enlightenment, Dave came to Story Grid on the recommendation of his writing coaches. Here, he found the engineering light for stories his inner software developer had been seeking all along . . .

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