Get started. Light a fire.

Is Your Current Draft Done?

If your current draft is done, you have two choices: a Story Grid Diagnostic or a Story Grid Intensive. They both rely on the proven methodology developed by Shawn Coyne in his many decades as a professional editor.

If this is your first book or if this is an early draft, the Story Grid Diagnostic is the appropriate tool to determine the next steps for improving the craft of your work.

If this is a mature draft that has been developed for a long time and you want to test its readiness for querying agents or self-publishing, the Story Grid Intensive is the right place for us to begin.

Don’t Know Where To Start?

If you don’t know where to start, let’s begin with a conversation around the campfire. I’m happy to consult in general terms. During your Consultation you can ask whatever questions you like and get a sense about whether I’m the right guy to play Samwise to your Frodo—or whichever intrepid guide and sidekick strikes your fancy. I’m easy. I’m told I even do a good Gollum impression.

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