Story Grid Diagnostic: Engage Your Book Shaman

For the book shaman (me) to work his best magic (a Story/Manuscript Diagnostic), you need a completed manuscript draft to begin. If you’re quite not there yet, I can still consult as a story cartographer.

But if you’ve already typed THE END on the last of your pile of pages and you’re ready to get an expert opinion on how “ready” it is, this is where the magic happens.

Although there is no formula for success, I have studied story alchemy with the best. As a practitioner of the Story Grid method for my own books, I know its power. The Diagnostic is proven method for evaluating a story draft (and redrafting as necessary) through an incremental process to develop a story that works. You can read more about the Story Grid Diagnostic methodology.

When we finish this adventure together, you’ll have:

  1. The 6 Core Question Analysis
  2. A Story Grid Spreadsheet of your first five scenes
  3. Masterworks of the genre recommendations and additional resources
  4. Next steps recommendation letter
  5. A one-hour phone consultation to discuss the deliverables

This work will teach you how to apply the principles of storytelling and assess the level of your own work. This is the best place to start if you have a story whether it’s Level 1 or Level 5.

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