Story Grid Intensive: Invoke Your Story Witchdoctor

If you have a Level 3 or higher manuscript AND you want to make it even more powerful, you need the strong medicine of the witchdoctor. Whether your dream is traditional publication by a Big 5 publishing house in New York or to join the meritocracy of Story Grid Publishing (that is the future of novels, in my opinion), the Intensive is the magical rite you need.

This sorcerous working is the Diagnostic on steroids. Everything that is part of the Diagnostic is part of this Intensive plus a whole lot more (here’s the complete list):

  1. The 6 Core Question Analysis
  2. A Foolscap Global Story Grid One Sheet
  3. A full Story Grid Spreadsheet of the entire manuscript
  4. Masterworks of the genre recommendations and additional resources
  5. An analysis of Conventions and Obligatory Moments for your novel…the ones you met (and the ones you didn’t)
  6. A Heroic Journey 2.0 analysis to evaluate how your work meets the universal, unconscious, genetic, human expectations of all twenty stages of our ancestral metaphysical monomyth
  7. Next steps recommendation letter
  8. One month of Story Grid-based developmental editing (at least one hour-long check-in per week and a wrap-up call to discuss the deliverables)

With these spell components in hand, you’ll be prepared to level up your manuscript to query, pitch, or publish—whichever your goal may be.

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